Grenadian Diaspora Engagement Policy

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This policy has been developed in recognition of the urgent need to mainstream the Grenada Diaspora into our national development process in line with the aspirations and goals of Government and in line with the National Development Plan 2030-2035. Enhanced interaction with Grenadian nationals who have migrated, including their descendants, and have maintained strong ties with their homeland (herein referred to as the Diaspora) are seen as a key element of the strategy.

There exists enormous potential in skills, knowledge and expertise by Grenadians abroad, which is currently not being utilized in the country. We believe that the Diaspora has a huge and untapped potential which can be harnessed to positively contribute to the growth of our economy.

As a nation, we have an obligation to engage and facilitate our citizens not only locally. This draft policy has, therefore, been developed to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between the country and the Diaspora.

This document will constitute the basis for wide ranging consultations among key stakeholders with the view to engender broad agreement on the final policy and the modalities of delivery for diaspora engagement. 

We encourage all Grenadians and their descendants living abroad to review the draft policy and to be a part of the consultative process. Feedback is being accepted until September 11, 2020.

Download your copy of the FIRST DRAFT of the Policy and Action plan below and join in the discussion. Written submissions are encouraged and will be accepted until September 11, 2020. Please use the form below or email directly to



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